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I was asked from EasyDoesit GmbH to join the VFX department of the new Drunken Masters Music Video. I took care of the keying, composting and Motion Design. More work as freelance Graphic and Motion Designer on: http://dagmarvoit.com

Clip credits:
An EASYdoesit Production
Directed by Andreas Hofstetter | Head of Production: Mario Clement | Produced by Sarah Jansen & Leo Hille | Director of Photography: Alex Schiller | 1st Assistant | Camera: Philipp Romppel | Gaffer (Green Screen Studio): Benjamin Schmidt | Gaffer (Amelie’s Room): Dimitri Hempel | Best Boy: Bastian Kempf | Production Design: Lea Semmel, Tara Afsah, Sarah Jansen | Styling: Lea Semmel | Hair & Make Up: Julia Barde | Edit: Andreas Hofstetter | Key Visual | Effects Artist & Digital Consultant: Stefan Reineke | Visual Effects Artist: Dagmar Voit | Additional Visual Effects: Andreas Hofstetter | 3D Animations: Elias Asisi | GIF Animations: Niklas Coskan (D.D.KID) | VFX Consultant: Ioannis Kaltirimtzis | Additional Animations by Mike Winkelmann (beeple)
„Turn Up“ Design by Bastian Wienecke | Cast: Amelie via Agentur Iris Müller
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